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American Pit Bull

The American Icon. The American Pit Bull Terrier.
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PostSubject: Read This!   Read This! Icon_minitimeFri 27 Jun 2008, 3:21 pm

American Pit Bull or (APB) is dedicated to the survival and preservation of the american pitbull terrier and pitbulls alike. Educating the general public and the owners themselves is the most important key elements to the survival of this noble breed. Their history as fighting dogs should be well known amongst most people. With that being said, The act of dog fighting is and has been a felony for quite some time. We do not condone dog fighting and any mention of it is to be done so in historical context, any discussions about illegal activities historically or educationally relevant to the APBT must be very clear about the purpose of the thread. If a present-day match is discussed it better have occurred in a country where it's legal! Otherwise your membership here will be short lived!

The APB community administration and staff reserves the right to modify these rules at any time deemed necessary without prior or post notification. It is your responsibility to keep up with any changes that are made to ensure that you abide by them.

1. Do not post anything illegal or extremely controversial (unless from a historical and/or educational perspective), offensive (including, but not limited to, excessive or extreme profanity, or content which could be construed as racist, discriminatory, or unsuitable for most age groups, etc.), or pornographic, whether it be a post, image, link, profile field, or private message. This includes not engaging in religious debate. The off-topic thread is not exempt from these rules, only from the discussion of bulldogs.

2. Do not post images, threads, or replies about yours or someone else's dog(s)acting aggressive/vicious/intimidating etc. regardless of what you think the nature or instinct of the breed(s) is (are). Our purpose is NOT to contribute to the negative image people have of the APBT.

3. Do not copy and paste pictures of dogs from other kennels or provide links to kennels simply to start a bashing thread, especially if the owners of that kennel are not here to defend themselves.

4. Do not post dogs for sale, If you feel it necessary to peddle, do it elsewhere. This site will not contribute to peddling on its public forums or in private. One warning will be issued as a strong suggestion to comply.

5. Do not post negative press stories/videos about “APBT attacks” as they will be promptly removed. This community does not contribute to any negative media hype about the American Pit Bull Terrier.

6. Argue with posts, not the poster. Debating topics are good, but arguing, flaming, or bashing between members or of any off-site person, site, or kennel is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Firm and direct constructive criticism is encouraged and often necessary, outright insults are not.

7. If a staff member makes a reasonable request of you, it is wise to comply. Blatant disregard of requests and/or rules will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary actions, up to and including banishment, depending on the nature and severity of the situation.

8. Respect all copyrights and intellectual property rights of others and the site. When posting all or part of an article, include the link to that article.

9. When a new member begins posting, give the same good advice you would any established member, even if the answer to a problem seems painfully obvious. Members join from all over the world and it is not up to you to decide if they are trolling based upon their first few posts or their first impression. Be diligent and observant, not rude!

10. All thoughts and posts are made by mear faceless names and are not a substitute for the advice of professionals of their field.
All advice given is that of opinionated individuals who are not liable for any repercussion due to the misunderstanding or false beliefs presented to you. This includes the Administrator, Moderators, members and guests.
Any discussion of dogfighting on this message board is in historical reference to the true pitbull of its day. Any discussion of dogfighting or act there of, in the present day will not be tolerated and is not welcome here. We are a group of pitbull enthusiasts who are against any ill treatment of any animal be it dog or otherwise.

11. No bashing of other pitbull forums, If you have a problem with another forum then take it there..

Again, I (the administrator) and Moderators reserve the right to update these rules as deemed necessary!
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