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 RedDoggys Kitty

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PostSubject: RedDoggys Kitty   Sun 23 Nov 2008, 10:47 pm

So I'd been looking for a kitten for my little girl and there were alot of specifics that had to be agreed upon in order to obtain one. Had to be very young, black, and female(thats the short list).... Oh and free. So, I found her lastnight by mistake, I was just looking at peoples ads when I had given up for the evening. I typed in free and this lady and her vet-tech daughter rescued a litter and and a few other cats, and somewhere in the ad it mention that she had an 8week old black female. Sent her an email with my number and she called me up and gave me all the details. Lady was cool and met me half way, long drive, and gave me the kitten. It's a big deal cause I'm allergic, but my roommate has one, so if I'm suffering for a cat that's in her room my kid may as well be able to have one.
So here she is, think we're gonna call her Heineken.

I like the grey stripes she's rockin'.


"She's built like a steakhouse but handles like a bistro..."
-Zap Brannigan
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RedDoggys Kitty
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