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PostSubject: This Or that   Fri 07 Nov 2008, 5:27 pm

insane Okay, so I'm looking at dogfood today, getting low on the Blue Buffalo and am thinking about switching after reading some negative stuff about it..... I figure that I should at least get my moneys worth outta it. So I call SadieBlues up and get her opinion on Innova, she loves it, and get the price she's paying and all of that. Well, I call up my favorite feed store, which is really outta the way, to get their price on what T is feeding, AND IT'S CHEAPER, LMAO, and uh I get to talking with the guy about EVO and the quality and price and he tells me that if I'm interested in 6star why not go TOTW. Appearantly it's the same price and size as Innova adult Large Bites. 30lbs for $46.99. So now I ask, does anyone have good experience with Taste of the Wild? If so, were you happier with WetLand or Prarie? Anyway, any advice will be appreciated, as dfa doesn't have any reviews on the stuff, just analysis. Thanks in advance.



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This Or that
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