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 Forum Tutorial

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PostSubject: Forum Tutorial   Sat 27 Sep 2008, 12:08 am

Here is detailed instructions on how to use the board, we will start with your "Profile"

To edit/alter you profile click on "Profile" in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

This first box is for changing your password. Follow the on screen instructions and don't forget to hit save.

This second box is for displaying you instant message info if you want it publicly viewable..
Within any of your posts on this board this info will be accessible to other users..

This next area is your personalized profile area and warning points.
First (marked with the semi-colin) Can be anything from your mood (like the ones on myspace)
To a personal tag or anything else you may want.. Below that is your warnings (This info can be found in the site related area) or here--->
Warning System

Under preferences this info is already explained for you..

Click on signature to find the area for writing a saying, famous quote or anything else within the limits of the rules. You can also use this text area for linking a photo from your photobucket account. One or both will always be attached to every post you make here.. Dont forget to hit save when your done..

Next is you avatar. This is a small picture that is used to identify you within posts.
You can either click "browse" and upload a pic from your computer (it may have to be resized first)
Or insert a link containing your picture (photobucket can again be used here) (The direct link code)
Or click "show gallery" and use a pic from the forums gallery..

Now we have you friends and foes list. Adding a friend here will give you the ability to instantly find another member simply by returning to this list at any time and clicking their name. This will take you to their profile where you can contact them..

Adding a foe here will then remove that persons posts and replies from your viewing as if they are not even here..


"When I start breeding for color I'll sure call them Staffordsires because that's all they will be in a couple of generations". HOWARD HEINZL
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Forum Tutorial
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