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 Wamic ADBA show

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PostSubject: Wamic ADBA show   Mon 15 Sep 2008, 4:40 pm

Wow my first show ever and it was a blast! It was a lot more casual than I thought people in their sweats, tank tops, shorts, whatever. The only shows I'd seen before where like the Westminster and Eukanuba cup, all the foofy ones on tv. They had weight pull and conformation and all sorts of fun classes, like best smile, best brindle, the big and beautiful-This class was awsome, a lot of BIG dogs in there, the winner was a big champagne male that came in at 130lbs!! He was a weight pulling monster!. There was also a tiny little 29lbs pit that did weight pull named Jezebel. She was awsome. Lots of gamey dogs. We where next to a group of guys from Utah that had some HOT dogs. Everytime they'd bring one out they would all go nutz, one even broke his crate gate off and tried to get at his sire!

There was an old timer there with his dogs too, some gorgeous Jeep dogs. Also a couple boudreaux dogs, one that took 1st in the Champion of Champions class and then 2nd the next day. Gives me hope! We got a lot of support for starting our club too, it'll be great!

So my camera died the first day! because well it sucks. So hopefully Matt will be emailing me pics soon but in the mean time here are the couple I managed to get. So Lugz got to go and so did Tonka, though she stayed at the camp the whole time. If Lugz had been 5 days older we could have done the puppy class oh well! I got some compliments on Lugz it was very flattering since it is an adba show hehe.

All loaded up! (I think I need a bigger rig)

Tablerocks Cassiopia

Cassie getting weighed.

Lugz passed out in his crate.
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PostSubject: Re: Wamic ADBA show   Mon 15 Sep 2008, 8:37 pm

Awe!!!! My Mighty Lugz!!! You can send him home now.... getting tired of waiting!


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Wamic ADBA show
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