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 Sad Dream :(

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PostSubject: Sad Dream :(   Sat 06 Sep 2008, 6:15 pm

Those of you that know me somewhat well from the forums, know that I had a pitty named Carmella.
I had a freakin' weird dream last night about her. I went back up to michigan to visit my mom, and
went back to were we lived just for memories purposes I guess. And she was there, I was FREAKING OUT
in my dream ran to her she was bloody skinny and all just torn up. I grabbed her and pour water over her
cuts and then rushed her to the vet. I'm crying this WHOLE time mind you. and She had to be left there over
night. and the vet called me way early in the morning in my dream and told me she was having puppies?
I WAS LIKE WHATTTT! (when she was stolen she was prego...yes, it was a accident) and anyways.
I go up there and see and she is having lil blue and white puppies . ( the male that got her was my friends
pitty he was gotti & razoredge blue & white (mostly white..) when she and i lived together he got outta the
kennel and yeah...) as I picked one of them up it was dead... and as I went to cover it with my shirt I looked
at carmella and woke up. It was the most f****up dream I've had in forever....

I was crying for like 2 hours after I woke sucks losing someone so close.
and sorry for the lang. guys.
I had to get it off my mind.

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PostSubject: Re: Sad Dream :(   Tue 07 Oct 2008, 9:30 pm

Here's a good forum if you're wondering about the meaning of a dream. This guy is usually right on.
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Sad Dream :(
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