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The American Icon. The American Pit Bull Terrier.
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 Glossary of Terms

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PostSubject: Glossary of Terms   Fri 27 Jun 2008, 3:16 pm

AADR - All American Dog Registry

ADBA - American Dog Breeders Association, The largest registry of American Pit Bull Terriers

Aggro - Short for \"aggressive.\"

Agility - A sport offered by various clubs and registries in which dogs run through a timed obstacle course.

AKC - American Kennel Club, an all-breed registry which recognizes the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

AMB or AMBOR - Acronyms for a mixed breed dog. AMBOR is American Mixed Breed Obedience Registry.

American Pit Bull Terrier - The American game bred fighting dog, bred from the original Bulldog. Used for baiting, fighting, and hunting in England, Ireland, Spain and Scotland.

American Staffordshire Terrier - A separate show version of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

APBT - American Pit Bull Terrier

AR - Animal Rights

AST - American Staffordshire Terrier
Blue - A dilution of the black coloration, which appears as various shades of gray.

Bombproof - Used to describe the ideal temperament for the breed. Courageous, friendly, sound, never fearful or human-aggressive.

Box - [] A designated containment area for the matching of dogs, used in a historical sense

Breaking Stick - A round or wedge shaped stick used for the parting of fighting dogs

Brindle - A coat color resembling stripes. Can come in many shades (red brindle, blue brindle, mahogany brindle, chocolate brindle, etc.)

BT - English Bull Terrier, aka \"Spuds McKenzie\" dog.

Bull Baiting - The sport of attacking bulls with dogs

Bulldog - A nickname for the American Pit Bull Terrier

BYB - Back yard breeder, an inexperienced breeder, One who breeds for the wrong reasons.

Catch Dog - A dog used for catching large wild game

Catch Weight - A heavyweight dog

CGC - Canine Good Citizen. A title offered by the American Kennel Club for basic manners and obedience.

CH - Champion. Either a dog who has won a set amount of points in the show ring, or historically, a dog who won 3 contract matches.

Chain Weight - The weight of a dog right off a chain or from it\'s everyday living

Cull - The process of eliminating undesirable characteristics

Cur - An inferior dog, an APBT that gives up, one who lacks gameness

DA - Dog aggressive, typical trait of the APBT

Demodex - A type of mange, typically passed on from parent to offspring.

Drive - A dog\'s desire or propensity for a certain thing. (ie, toy drive, play drive, prey drive, defense drive)

Flirtpole - A \"fishing pole\" type toy used to exercise a dog. Generally a long pole of PVC or wood with a rope dangling off the end, to which a toy or hide can be attached.

Gameness - The quality in APBTs which causes them to keep going, no matter how hurt or beaten they are. The instinct to never quit, at all costs.

GRCH - Grand Champion. Either a dog who has won a set amount of points in the show ring, or historically, a dog who won 5 contract matches.

HA - Human aggression, an undesired \"flaw\"

Hard mouth - Term used to describe the power of a bite

Match - A contract fight between two opponents of the same weight (usually)

Neuter - Usually means to remove a male\'s reproductive organs, but can technically be used for both male and female procedures.

Piebald or Pied - A coat pattern where large spots of color are dispersed on a white coat. Sometimes called cow-spotted or moo moo pattern.

Pit bull - General term used to describe the AST, APBT and SBT

PP - \"Personal protection\", associated with the personal protection phase of Schutzhund

Prong collar - aka pinch collar. A training collar with \"prongs\" that face in to the dog\'s neck, and pinch when the dog pulls.

PTS - \"Put to sleep\" or euthanize.

Rednose - A color where the dog shows a red, copper or liver-colored nose. Can appear on various coat colors such as fawn, red, chocolate, brindle, etc. Usually paired with hazel, green, yellow, or other light-colored eyes. This color is acceptable in the APBT, but frowned on in the AST and SBT.

Registry - Also called a \"kennel club,\" a registering body which sanctions dog events and offers \"papers\" on purebred dogs.

Roll - A brief, informal fight, used to evaluate a young dog\'s desire to fight

SBT - Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Schutzhund - (German for \"protection dog\") tests dogs of all breeds for the traits necessary for police-type work, tracking, obedience, and personal protection type training

Spay - To remove a female\'s reproductive organs

Springpole - A type of toy used to exercise and condition dogs. Usually attached to a tree limb, free-standing post, or maybe the side of a house. A bite surface -- such as a hide, tug toy, burlap sack, tire, etc. -- is attached to rope, which is attached to a spring or bike innertube, which is in turn mounted to some secure surface.

TT - Temperament test. Also a title offered by the American Temperament Test Society.

UKC - United Kennel Club, an all-breed registry which recognizes the APBT.

Undershot - A dental condition where the dog\'s lower incisors meet in front of the upper ones. Seen in Boxers, Bulldogs, mastiff breeds, and others. A fault in the APBT, AmStaff and Staffybull.

Weight Pull (WP) - A sport offered by various clubs and registries, in which dogs pull loaded carts or sleds in competition.

'PR' - Purple ribbon-bred. Not a title, but a designation that shows a dog has had 3 generations of ancestors registered with the United Kennel Club.
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Glossary of Terms
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