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 Picture Posting Tutorial

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PostSubject: Picture Posting Tutorial   Sat 19 Jul 2008, 9:58 am

Here is a crash course for posting images using Photobucket.
First visit and create an account.
Then set the image size to medium for the DOTM contest.

Click on choose files and find your picture.
When it's done uploading you will see the image and all it's codes for posting, the last pic you upload should be the first one on the list.
To post the picture so that it shows up as a pic and not a link, select the IMG code by right clicking it and selecting "Copy".
Then go to your post and and right click again, this time select "Paste".
Hit the preview button to make sure it's going to show up..
Then submit your post.

If you for some reason want to post the pic as a link you would do the same as the before mentioned only using the "Direct Link" code..
It's that easy and very efficient..


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Picture Posting Tutorial
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